Benefits of Natural Soap

Benefits of Natural Soap

Natural Soaps

How soap is made is not something we usually consider. We use soap everyday and usually buy whatever fragrance we prefer in a commercial bar of soap.

However it's worth looking at the difference between typical store bought soap and natural handmade soap since the health of our bodies largest organ (skin) is at stake. Real soap is made from oils combined with lye. A reaction occurs called saponification that results in soap and glycerin. Glycerin is a natural skin softener. It is an essential part of skin care that may help with skin conditions such a psoriasis and eczema. Many big soap manufacturers will remove the glycerin and put it in other products such a lotions and creams. Once glycerin is removed, the commercial soaps become more like a detergent. Big soap manufacturers will add synthetic ingredients to compensate for lack of glycerin but these ingredients can irritate and dry out your skin.

At Hawk Soap Co. we keep the glycerin in our soap bars. Hawk Soap will clean and moisturize your skin without causing irritation. As a matter of fact, our Hawk Soap bars will clean your body, face and hair. Three products in one. Now that's simplifying life! We offer cold processed handmade soap with no harsh
chemicals or preservatives. Hawk Soap is made with high quality oils such as olive oil for its moisturizing properties and coconut oil for a great lather.

With Hawk Soap you will notice a difference in your skin. So why hop around with the chickens in the shower when you can soar like a Hawk. Elevate your
showering  experience and join The Clutch!

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